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To foster greater cohesion before and after graduation, and provide an outlet for seniors and juniors alike to help and seek help.

Finally graduating with that ‘Dr’ title after years of working and playing hard, but don't want to say goodbye to your friends in SMSUK? Or have you been a ‘Dr’ for some time now, and want to get back in touch with your UK uni friends?

SMSUK is excited to launch its Alumni wing. Having studied medicine or dentistry in the UK makes us part of a community, and we hope to help our community rekindle old friendships, foster new ones, and grow closer together.

For Graduating Members

MUSE (Medics Unifying Supporting Education)

Started by Dr Kikki Teo, MUSE is an information and networking session to help members about to return to Singapore as House Officers better integrate into the healthcare system. Attendees will get to meet more senior UK graduates who are now Medical Officers, and get tips on how to survive as a HO.

SMSUK Families

To better support our members who are about to start their Foundation Years in the UK (including those planning an eventual return to Singapore), we are bringing SMSUK members together as “families” over Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger group chats.

These families will group clinical year members with alumni at various stages of their careers, based on professional interests and where they are practising/intending to practice (UK /Singapore). They will serve as an avenue to share professional advice and experience.

For Alumni

Alumni Gatherings

SMSUK will be hosting alumni gatherings in both Singapore and the UK throughout the year. Invite all your friends and colleagues who have studied medicine/dentistry in the UK. The more the merrier! Further details will be disseminated closer to the dates; watch this space.

As these are new initiatives, we welcome and appreciate input from our valued members. Feel free to contact us with your needs and preferences for these gatherings, or any enquiries you may have, so we can better serve you.

Alumni Facebook Group

If you are interested to join our closed Alumni Facebook group, have any suggestions and ideas, or would like to contribute to our alumni community, we would love to hear from you. Please do contact us!

Alternatively, you can reach our alumni officer.

SMSUK Mentorship programme

We are looking for alumni mentors for our clinical year medical and dental students! An initiative by our Alumni Wing, we currently have a team of over 60 mentors.

Previous participants have found it really helpful to have someone they can turn to for advice during their exciting but daunting last year before becoming doctors and dentists.

Some things previously discussed between mentors and their students include preparing for final exams, choosing where to work, job applications, what to expect in the first year(s) of work, balancing social/family life, pursuing further training and setting career goals.

The frequency, mode and content of your discussions will be worked out between you and your student. We will begin by sending you each other's email address. Of course, we hope that it will evolve into an on-going relationship.

We hope you would consider being a part of this.

Link for Signup:

Freshers, Members and Alumni Dinner: The Many Adventures of a Doctor at Large

We have an exciting event on 8 August 2019, Thursday, 6pm-9.30 pm at Academia (SGH).

Join us for an evening of food, wine and good conversation with friends, new and old. A panel of speakers from different sectors of medicine will discuss their experiences, Singapore's needs, and how medical students and young doctors can gain relevant skills and contribute to their sector.

Check out our Facebook Page for more details.