Prospective Members

Applying to the UK

SMSUK aims to help pre-university students who are interested in pursuing their tertiary education at medical and dental schools in the UK to make an informed decision.

We try to help budding medical students through the Junior College (JC) talks, carried out at various JCs over the summer holidays (from June to September) to help hopeful UK medical/dental students from those schools with the application process. Most importantly, we share our personal experiences of the application, as well as tips. You may visit the events calendar to find out more. Students should sign up through their respective JCs.

Should some questions go unanswered during these talks, students can submit their questions here or contact our liaison officer, we are more than happy to help!

Materials from the JC talks can be found here 

Preparing for Departure

What should I do after being accepted and before leaving?

After receiving your confirmation e-mail from the university of your choice, there is lots to do before you can fly off to begin your studies.

One of the most important things, though, is definitely to join SMSUK as a member. This will put you in touch with other freshers and help us notify you of signups for Orientation Camp! What fun awaits 🙂 During camp, you will meet peers and seniors - peers to accompany you on your journey, and seniors to guide you through your imminent departure. Relationships formed through SMSUK will probably be one of the longest lasting because of the unusally long nature of our course - so sign up to make more friends now!:)

Besides Orientation Camp, SMSUK also organises a slew of events over summer. These include:

  • Interaction sessions with healthcare groups
  • Pre-departure talk in conjunction with the British Council
  • Dental dinner
  • Freshers and Members

Other ad-hoc events may be organised as well and one should check the facebook group regularly for news!